How To Get A Bigger Penis Naturally – Personal Guide

I would like to welcome you to my website in which you will discover how to get a bigger penis naturally.

Few decades ago, men don’t agree that exercises can make penis longer and harder but now it is proven that penis exercises can increase penis size and also improve sexual functions.

natural penis enlargementDue to these studies and researches many men are using penis exercises to make their penis longer and stronger. However, there are many misconceptions over the internet when it comes to penis exercises.

It is really important to understand that penis growth takes time with exercises. On average, three months of penis exercise program can increase penis length by 0.8 inch in length and 0.5 inch in girth. Although these results don’t seem to be great but many people prefer penis exercises over any other penis enlargement methods (e.g extender, pumps and surgery) because penis exercises are relatively safer than any other penis enlargement method.

German Surgeon rightly said, “Don’t consider penis enlargement surgery. A moderately large unit is better than failed surgery.”

In 1975 there was a study conducted by Dr. Brains Richards in which 30 men enrolled in the penis exercises program for 3 months that contains exactly the same exercises that I am going to share with you. In the end of this study, 28 men saw “visible penis enlargement”. On average the length increased was 1.125 and the average girth was 1 inch.

So after considering all past studies and researches we conclude that penis enlargement is possible with the help of exercises. It doesn’t matter if you have 3.5 or 4.5 or 5.5 inches penis with the help of penis exercises you can gain 2 – 3 inches in just a year and these additional inches not only improve your relationship in bedroom but also boost your confidence as well. There are many men who have multiplied their penis size with penis exercises.

Now you may be getting excited to know which penis exercises work best.

Let me tell you although internet is full of penis exercise plans but after deep researching I found only three exercises that you need to increase penis size. In this website you not only get full detail about these three exercise but I will also share my penis exercises routine that helped me gain +2 inches in length and +1.5 inches in girth in just 6 months.

My Story about Penis Enlargement:

Starting Size: 5.5″ Length, 4.5″ Girth

Current Size: 7.5″ Length, 5.5 Girth

Since the high school I love sports and body building. I am athlete person who wants to look fit and sexy either in clothes or naked in bedroom. I love to read bodybuilding and fitness magazines and one thing always struck me was the number of penis enlargement ads for pumps, extenders, pills and surgery.

penis enlargement before and afterI knew there should be some easy and safe way to increase penis size. As anyone with computer would do, I start researching how to get a bigger penis naturally and my research takes me to penis exercise. Although having average penis I never receive complaint from any woman in past but who will object to couple of extra inches. So, I decided to give it a test.

In starting I don’t take penis exercises seriously but after a month when I notice some gain in my penis size this really motivates me to take penis exercise seriously. As a result, I gained +2 inches in length and +1 inch in girth.

If you also want to gain some extra inches then always keep in mind that penis exercises do work. Some get results in one month and some get results in three months. Penis exercise is the safest way to increase penis size.

4 Myths about Penis Enlargement:

Myth #1 – Penis Enlargement is Impossible Without Surgery:

Fact #1 – Controllable Pressure Can Make Penis Grow

Many men think it is impossible to make penis bigger without surgery because they don’t know the actual fact. People of Arab tribes are using penis exercises since many decades to increase penis size.

Additionally, Primitive Tribes are the biggest proof for body enhancement. People of Primitive Tribes are still using weights, discs, exercises and other various objects to increase the size or look of their different body parts.

Additionally, there are many researches and real men studies that proved penis enlargement is possible with exercises. Everyone knows that extra stretch and pressure in GYM increases muscle growth. Similarly, penis exercises apply pressure on the shaft of penis that start multiplying tissues and cells which make penis bigger and stronger.

Myth #2 – Penis Is Not A Muscle

Fact #2 – Penis is 50% Muscle

Many men and experts believe that there is no penis-enlarging exercise because penis is not a muscle. This seems to be logical but thankfully this is just a myth. In fact, penis is 50% muscle. Let me explain…

There are three types of muscles that are: skeletal muscle which is found in parts like biceps, cardiac muscle that is found in heart and smooth muscle that is found in organs and blood vessels. Penis is largely consists of smooth muscle.

Although these muscles have their own difference but their structure is same. Each of these muscles is made up of proteins which is important for their function. In research it is proved that both skeletal muscle and smooth muscle can grow if pressure is applied.

So, this concludes that smooth muscles can make penis grow.

Myth #3 – Penis Enlargement is Quick:

Fact # 3 – Penis Enlargement Takes Time:

Many scam emails and advertisements make men believe that penis enlargement is easy and overnight process. Truly speaking these fake advertisements are one of the reasons why many men still feel penis enlargement is impossible.

Lot of time we have seen headlines like “Increase 2 Inches in Your Penis Size in One Week”. Although gaining 2 inches penis size is possible but in one week it is completely different story. 2 inches penis size in 6 to 12 months is likely possible.

It doesn’t matter whatever muscle you train – either it is abs, penis, biceps always keep in mind that time and determination are two most important things to make them grow.

Myth #4 – Penis Exercises Are Dangerous

Fact #4 – Exercise is safest way to make penis grow

Many men think penis exercises are dangerous all because of the sad stories they receive from the internet. Additionally, some men over-train their penis which in result hurt their penis.

Many men think if 10 minutes of penis exercise gives results then 60 minutes of exercise will give quicker results. Sadly, penis exercises don’t work this way. There are some rules of penis enlargement (I revealed below) that you can follow to keep yourself safe from any injury.

3 Fundamental Rules of Exercising:

Rule #1 – Rest Days Are Necessary:

Human body can’t work continuously for longer period without any rest. Similar to your other muscles, penis also needs adequate rest to recover from pressure you applied during your exercise session. When penis recover it becomes bigger and heavier but it takes time when you actually see results.

In the starting you must take two rest days between your exercise days but as you progress you can continue exercising your penis for 6 to 7 days in a row. Additionally it all depends on how quickly your penis will recover. Some men take less time than other to recover quickly.

There are many other things like environment, diet, sex that all matters when it comes to recovery. In your rest days make sure you don’t exercise even a little bit and allow time to your penis to grow and become bigger.

Rule #2 – Push Yourself To The Max Gradually:

Human body quickly adapts to the situation and if you want your penis to grow then you have to stop your body from adapting to exercises you are doing continuously. After few months you can add little variation to penis exercises or you can increase amount of time you are spending in penis exercise.

Think for a second, what will happen if you keep on lifting same 20 pounds for 20 reps. Your muscles will grow for some time but then your muscles will quickly adapt to 20 pounds for 20 reps and they stop growing. Although penis is not the skeletal muscle but it works in the same way like other muscles.

So the key to successful penis growth is to change or add little variation once you saw gain of inch in your penis size.

Rule #3 – Work According To Your Body Comfort Zone:

Your body can give clear indication if you are doing something that is healthy or it is unhealthy. Many experts don’t tell you about this rule but it is most important either you want to change the size of your biceps or penis.

If you are getting good signals like stronger erections, frequent morning wood, bigger flaccid penis size, increase in penis size and fatigue after workout then these signs are for healthy penis and you can continue doing exercises. However, if you getting signs such as weak erections, decrease in penis size, pain, sensation, numbness, smaller flaccid size then you have to stop penis exercise and provide rest to your penis. It is also possible you are applying too much pressure on penis and reducing reps is also good idea. Never avoid these unhealthy indications because if you avoid them they often lead to injuries.

With these three rules of penis enlargement you are able to remain safe and avoid any injuries.

Before You Start Penis Exercise:

Cut Off Public Hairs:

Before starting penis exercise it is important to cut off public hairs because they become problem during exercise session. Additionally by cutting your public hairs your penis will look bigger as well. If you have never cut your public hairs then it is necessary to use plenty of shaving cream.

Measure Your Penis:

It is very important to don’t start any of the penis exercises before measuring your penis. Your penis measurement give will you idea where you’re starting so that you can compare your progress in the future.

The Length Measurement:

Material Required: Ruler

Flaccid (Soft):

Although the size of flaccid penis varies due to numerous factors but it is important to have flaccid size measurement because penis exercises increase flaccid size as well.

The best way to measure flaccid penis size is measuring it from the side of the penis and ruler facing you. Stand straight and extend your penis from one hand and use other hand to put ruler. Make sure your penis and ruler becomes parallel to each other.

Measure the head of the penis and record the closest 1/16 of inch or closest millimeter.

Erect (Hard):

To accurately measure the length of the erect penis you have to measure it from the side of the penis. Stand straight, lock your knees and hold your penis from one hand just behind the head. With other hand, put the ruler at the side of your penis and pressed it against the public bone.

Pull your penis and measure the tip of the head. Record the closest 1/16 of an inch or closest millimeter.

The Girth Measurement:

Material Required: Cloth Measuring Tape or String:

Girth (Diameter):

The main problem in taking girth measurement is some men take girth measurement from the widest part and some take from the slimmest part of the penis. However, I recommend you to take the measurement of the midpoint of your penis shaft.

The girth of penis shaft varies at different spots, so it is necessary to select one spot and measure the same spot in the future as well.

It is important to take girth measurement in the erect state only. Use cloth measuring tape and wrap it around the shaft of the penis and measure the girth of your penis. If you are using sting then mark the point where the end of stings meet and lay the sting on the table to measure it with your ruler. Note down the closest 1/16 of an inch or closest millimeter.

Keep a Journal of Your Practice:

I recommend you to don’t start any penis exercise routine without creating journal. Your progress journal will keep you motivate until you reach your desire goal. By tracking your progress you will find out how your penis will respond to certain routine.

You don’t have to update your progress every day. Instead, update your journal after a week or so. This will help you in determining how your penis response when you apply two day rest between your workout.

You can either record your progress on paper or you can create your own journal online in different health forums. Make sure to list out exercises, warm up method you are using, intensity you are applying and amount of time you are spending on penis exercise. Some men also write down list of supplements that they use to determine how their penis response to supplements.

Here is the sample journal that I use myself:

Size Length Girth
Current Size
Goal Size


Exercise Intensity Of Workout (low/med/high) Time/Reps

*Exercise Days of Week (circle them): M T W T F S S


Lubrication is very important for some of the penis exercise that I revealed in this page. The right lubricate can avoid causing irritation into the most sensitive part of your penis. Additionally, good lubricant can give you right grip that you need to control the intensity of penis exercise.

Water-based personal lubricants are very popular among men for penis exercise. Although, water-based lubricant is easy to clean but they often dry out quickly and you have to reapply lubricant on your penis. Oil-based lubricants are thick and they are difficult to clean but they don’t dry out quickly and give you enough time to complete your penis exercise.

You must avoid choosing lubricant that contains ingredients which causes allergy in your body. Vaseline is petroleum-base lubricant that I use most of the time but you can also use Vigrx Oil for penis exercises as this is especially designed for penis exercise.

4 Penis Exercises That I recommend

penis enlargement exerciseIf you search on internet for how to get a bigger penis then undoubtedly you get list of different penis exercises. The problem is most people write about penis exercises without testing themselves and that is why they don’t know if it works or not.

However after deep researching and testing myself I discover three exercises that can improve penis size. These four exercises are:

  • The Kegel
  • The Warmup
  • The Jelq
  • The Stretch

There are many variations of these three exercises but for beginners I recommend these three exercises because they can increase 0.5 – 1 inch in penis size.

The Kegel Exercise:

Benefits of Kegel Exercise

These days, many men are now focusing on getting harder penis rather than having long penis. This is because in many recent surveys, women showed their extreme desire for harder penis. One women in these surveys say, “Harder Penis is biggest turn on for most of us!! It shows us how much he loves us.”

Many love experts agree that harder penis is optimal for better sex life. Additionally, men need good sexual stamina to remain stronger for long period in bed. However, if you are a soft man or want to boost up your sexual stamina then Kegel exercise is the one you need most.

Besides harder erections and increased sexual stamina, there are many other benefits of Kegel exercise such as improvement in blood flow, multiple orgasm, improve semen quantity, increase in penis size etc.

Most Easy Exercise – Requires No Hands!!

That right!! This is most simple exercise that doesn’t need hands or lubrication. All you need is mind to perform this exercise. You can perform this exercise any time and anywhere. You can easily perform this exercise even while reading this and no one will know you are performing penis enlargement exercise.

The great thing is Kegel exercise strengthen your Pelvic Muscles which are similar class of biceps and triceps. Many doctors and experts consider Pelvic muscles as the ultimate sex muscle because of their heavy influence on penis and sex. Strong Pelvic muscles can give you harder erections and all benefits mentioned before while weak Pelvic muscles can give you weak erection and premature ejaculation.

Identifying Pelvic Muscles – Most Difficult Part of Kegel Exercise:

Kegel ExercisesThe most difficult part of this exercise is identifying Pelvic Floor Muscle. Some called it PC muscle as well. Here are following two steps to locate Pelvic muscle:

Step #1 – Go to restroom and start urination

Step #2 – Stop the flow of urine in the mid-way without touching any part of the penis. The muscle you contract to stop the flow of penis is pelvic muscle.

Try these two steps couple of days to identify the Pelvic Floor muscle. If you still have difficulty then contact me and I will tell you second method as well. But as far as I think above method is enough to locate Pelvic Floor muscle.

[Beginner Level] Kegel Exercise #1 – Start/Stop Exercise:

This exercise is similar to the method to use to identify your pelvic floor muscle. Whenever you go to restroom, stop the flow of urine for three seconds. Try to do this exercise at least three times a day. After first week, try to increase the amount of stops and seconds between urination.

This is the only exercise in my penis enlargement routine that I do every day. This is because it is so simple and there is no overtraining concept in this exercise. The more you do this exercise, the better erection you will get.

In the beginning do this exercise for one minute in a day and take rest day as well. After a week or so, do 5 minutes of this exercise in a day without any rest day. It won’t be hard to find 5 minutes for Kegel exercise as you can do this exercise while watching TV, browsing internet, playing games, studying or working in your office.

There are two more Kegel exercises for beginners.

[Beginner Level] Kegel Exercise #2 – Contract and Hold:

You have to perform this exercise in your restroom either clothed or naked. This is also simple exercise similar to start/stop exercise.

The only difference is you have to contract your pelvic floor muscle and then hold it for 3 to 5 seconds before releasing it. Start by contracting your pelvic muscle to stop the flow of urine and hold it 2 to 3 seconds before releasing it.

Perform this exercise along with start/stop exercise to boost sexual health and get strong erection.

[Beginner Level] Kegel Exercise #3 – Slow Contract and Hold:

You only have to perform this exercise after you able to perform above two kegel exercises. Some men with strong pelvic floor muscle able to do this exercise within few days however, some with weak pelvic floor muscle take some time before they able to do this exercise.

In this exercise, you have to perform each step slowly with the interval of 5 seconds. Start with slowly contracting your pelvic floor muscle until you reach the tight contraction. Hold the tight contractions for 5 seconds then take 5 seconds to release your contraction. Make sure to take 15 seconds to complete one rep of this kegel exercise.

Beginner’s Kegel Exercise Assignment:

  • Locate Pelvic Muscle with the method mentioned above
  • Do 3 sets of 20 reps – total of 60 reps. This will not take more than 1 or 2 minutes
  • Divide three sets throughout the day (one set of 20 kegels in the morning, one set in afternoon and one set in night)

Penis Enlargement Routine:

Once you know exercises and rules of penis enlargement now it is time to put all these exercises in an effective penis enlargement routine. Any routine that contains all above basic penis exercises is the most effective beginner penis enlargement routine.

Although the penis enlargement routine that I am going to share with you works for me but you are surely increase reps according to your comfort level. But, don’t forget about rules of penis enlargement especially third rule.

Here is the 5 week beginner’s penis enlargement routine.

The Main Workout:

  • 10 Minutes Warm Up
  • 5 Minutes Stretching
  • 10 Minutes of Jelqing

Rest of Day:

Do kegeling exercise rest of the day in the restroom.

It is important to make these exercises your habit and in the beginning don’t exercise for more than 3 days in a week. It is important to build your intensity slowly and work according to your body’s comfort level.

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